Tropical & Vector-Borne Diseases

Professional Supply of in Vitro Diagnostic Reagents Core Raw Materials

Tropical vector-borne diseases are infectious diseases that are transmitted to humans and animals through the bites of infected arthropods, such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and sandflies. These diseases are prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions where the climate is suitable for the survival and proliferation of the vector species. Antigens and antibodies play important roles in the detection and immune response against these vector-borne diseases.

Biomapper has developed an extensive range of antigens and antibodies for detecting mosquito- and tick-borne pathogens, including Malaria,Dengue fever,Zika virus disease and Chikungunya fever,etc. As our core advantage products, tropical pathogen materials provide customers with high purity, high specificity, and accuracy of antigens and antibodies.

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