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Slogan Why

Explore The Art Of Living Together

It combines the Chinese Confucianism’s “Co-work with heaven and earth on the great transformation and nourishment” and the Taoism’s “In accordance with the nature of all things”, which are essentially related to each other.
All things in nature share the same fate of wind and rain; man and nature share the same idea of prosperity and decline;We let diagnosis product to build a harmonious life community.


Co-work with heaven and earth on the great transformation and nourishment.


In accordance with the nature of all things.

Continuously Growing-Product Quality

Professionalism / Dedication / Innovation

Bio-Mapper is initiated and established by a group of young people, bringing together R&D teams in biology and molecular science to provide comprehensive and efficient technical support product and services. The team has more than 120 R&D staff, 100% of whom have bachelor’s degree or above, and more than 60% of whom have master’s degree or doctorate, including 3 senior R&D doctors, 5 senior foreign R&D consultants, and >70% of R&D staff with more than 8 years in the industry.

"Taking detail seriously is the responsibility and the honor of the team's development."

Practicing the Philosophy

Product R&D strength

Here We Are

In the time of RAW MATERIALS product, we are there to help

Bio-Mapper’s Antigen & Antibody

They are known for the high precision, diversity and reliability. We have developed and produced nearly a thousand varieties of bioactive proteins.

Bio-Mapper’s Uncut Sheet

They are brightly colored, extremely clear, with a sharp texture and strong adhesion.Extensive line containing hundred of products.

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