Certification & Awards

Take a look at our certification.

About Bio-mapper

High Quality In Vitro Diagnostic Raw Materials Brand

Based on the R&D concept of research, innovation and continuous optimization, we scale up the industry and closely integrate products with applications. In this process our certification is derived from public recognition, and we treat our business and customers with rigor, and strive to become an in-depth cooperative service partner of global in vitro diagnostic companies.

Team Certification

Since the team inception, we have won many awards for our outstanding diagnostic achievements and certification.


Over the years, Bio-mapper has persisted in scientific research and innovation and successfully applied for a number of patents.


6S management standard, we strictly implement ISO13485 and ISO9001 dual quality management system, constantly pursue the quality control of diagnostic production, and constantly optimize and improve the quality management system while maintaining high standards and strict requirements, dedicated to providing customers with products certification with small batch-to-batch variation and high stability.

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