FER uncut sheet

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Purification of ferritin labeled antibodies
The mixture after ferritin labeling antibody contains some unlabeled antibody proteins, etc., which should be removed as far as possible. Purification methods: The labeled antibody complex was added with 1:3 volume of saturated ammonium sulfate with saturation of 25% at 4℃, centrifuged at 4000rpm for 15min, then the supernatant was removed, the brown and yellow labeled ferritin precipitated in a small amount of 0.1mol/L phosphoric acid buffer (pH 7.2), and the salt was demineralized through G-25 column.
(1) Elevated ferritin: The reason is the increase in the source of ferritin or the removal of obstacles. Such as excessive blood transfusion, malnutrition, inflammation, liver disease and so on. In patients with malignant tumors such as liver cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, especially primary liver cancer, the synthesis of ferritin by cancer cells increases, and the serum ferritin increases. (2) Reduced ferritin: seen in iron deficiency anemia, nutritional anemia, blood loss, long-term diarrhea caused by iron absorption disorders, infections, cirrhosis and so on.

FER uncut sheet


Ferritin is a widespread ferritin storage protein, which has a nano sized hydrated iron oxide core and a protein shell with a cage structure.

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