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Rapid detection of Yellow fever Virus IgM/IgG is a side-flow chromatography immunoassay used to qualitatively detect IgM/IgG resistance to yellow fever virus in human serum, plasma, or whole blood. It is intended to be used as a screening test and as an adjunct to diagnosing yellow fever virus infection. Any reactive specimen using the yellow fever virus IgM/IgG rapid test must be confirmed by alternative testing methods and clinical findings. Diagnosis of yellow fever virus is based on serological analysis and isolation of the virus in mice or tissue cultures. IgG/IgM immunoassays are the most practical laboratory tests. Yellow Fever Virus IgM/IgG Rapid test uses recombinant antigens from its structural proteins to detect yellow fever virus resistance in a patient’s serum or plasma within 15 minutes. The test can be performed by an untrained or minimally skilled person without cumbersome laboratory equipment. The rapid detection of yellow fever virus IgM/IgG is a side-flow chromatography immunoassay. The test kit consists of 1) a Burgundian color coupling pad containing a recombinant antigen linked to colloidal gold (yellow fever virus conjugate) and rabbit IGg-gold conjugate, and 2) a strip of cellulose nitrate containing two test bands (M and G) and a control band (C band). The M-band is pre-coated with monoclonal anti-human IgM for detection of IgM against yellow fever virus, the G-band is pre-coated with reagent for detection of IgG against yellow fever virus, and the C-band is pre-coated with goat anti-rabbit IgG.

Yellow Fever Uncut Sheet


Yellow fever is a viral infectious disease mainly prevalent in central and southern America and tropical Africa.

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