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HBV antigen and antibody detection: Surface antigen (HBsAg), surface antibody (anti-HBS), antigen (HBeAg), antibody (anti-HBE) and core antibody (anti-HBC), known as the five items of hepatitis B, are commonly used to detect HBV infection indicators, which can reflect the level of HBV in the subject and the reaction of the body, and roughly assess the level of the virus.

HBeAg is a soluble component of hepatitis B core antigen, often co-existing with serum HBVDNA, DNA-P and Dane particles, which is a marker of HBV replication and infectivity. The hepatitis B virus e antigen is a soluble protein in the core particle in a concealed form, distributed in the intercellular space, and may be involved in viral replication. Hepatitis B virus e antigen is the core part of hepatitis B virus, so it is generally considered that hepatitis B virus e antigen positive is a sign of infectivity.

Hepatitis B virus surface antibody

(Anti-HBS) is an immunoreactive antibody (protective antibody) produced against the hepatitis B surface antigen protein after a patient is infected with the hepatitis B virus. Anti-hbs is a neutralizing antibody with protective immunity against HBV, which can neutralize HBV infection and resist re-infection.

HBV(For Rapid Test)

HBV(For CMIA Test)


HBeAg can be detected in the serum of patients with chronic hepatitis B infection.

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