Feline Serum Amyloid A(F-SAA)

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F-SAA is a chromatographic immunoassay kit for rapid and qualitative detection of feline corna virus antigen in feline feces. Monoclonal types of F-SAA Antibody are highly specific and of a single clonal origin, ultimately having the same antigen-binding properties.

Feline Serum Amyloid A (SAA)


Serum amyloid protein is a kind of acute phase protein secreted into human serum after being produced by human liver cells, which is usually used to detect inflammation markers in human acute response. If the human body is under normal conditions, the content of serum amyloid protein in the blood is relatively small, but when the human body is infected by mycoplasma, bacteria and other viruses, the body is stimulated by antigens, resulting in liver cells in the patient’s body being stimulated and will synthesize a large amount of serum amyloid protein. However, after the action of the corresponding antigen, the content of human serum amyloid protein will gradually decrease.

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