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There are three main diagnostic methods for toxoplasmosis: etiological diagnosis, immunological diagnosis and molecular diagnosis. Etiological examination mainly includes histological diagnosis, animal inoculation and cell culture. Common serological diagnostic methods include dye test, indirect hemagglutination test, indirect immunofluorescent antibody test and enzyme-linked immunosorbent test. Molecular diagnosis includes PCR and nucleic acid hybridization. The pregnancy checkup for expectant mothers includes something called a TORCH test. TORCH is a combination of the first letters of the English names of several pathogens. The letter T stands for Toxoplasma gondii. (The other letters stand for syphilis, rubella virus, cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex virus.)

TOXO Uncut Sheet


Toxoplasmosis is a zoonotic parasitic disease that exists widely in all parts of the world. The clinical manifestations of children infected with toxoplasmosis vary according to the degree of mild and severe infection. When a child with mild toxoplasmosis is infected, the symptoms may be similar to a cold, with only low fever, decreased appetite, and fatigue.

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