Rota virus Uncut Sheet

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It is the single leading cause of diarrhea in infants and young children, and nearly every child in the world around the age of five has been infected with rotavirus at least once. However, after each infection, the body’s immunity gradually increases, and the impact of subsequent infections is lessened, so adults are rarely affected by it.
Rotavirus antigen rapid detection is a side-flow chromatography immunoassay. The test strip consists of:

1) a purple-red conjugated pad containing monoclonal antibodies bound to colloidal gold an anti-rotavirus antibody bound to colloidal gold a control antibody;

2) Nitrocellulose film strip, including test line (T line) and control line (C line). Line T is pre-coated with another monoclonal anti-rotavirus antibody, and line C is pre-coated with control line antibody.

When a sufficient volume of the extraction sample is allocated to the sample well, in the test box, the sample is migrated in the box by capillary action. If a rotavirus antigen is present in the sample, it will bind to an anti-rotavirus conjugate. The immune complex is then captured by pre-coated rotavirus on the membrane where antibodies form a purple-red T-line, indicating a positive test result for rotavirus. The absence of T-lines indicates that the concentration of rotavirus Ag in the sample is below detectable levels, indicating a negative rotavirus result. The test includes internal control (line C), which should show a fuchsia line against the immune complex of the antibody, regardless of the color development on it. Otherwise, the test results are invalid and another device must be used.

Rota virus Uncut Sheet


Rotavirus (RV) is a double-stranded ribonucleovirus belonging to the reovirus family.

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