H.Pylori Uncut Sheet (HP)

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Helicobacter pylori main detection reagents are:
First, gold label urease rapid detection test paper (agent). Detect antigens or antibodies. The antigen specimen was stool, the antibody specimen was blood, serum and fingertip blood. It is characterized by convenience, fast, 8 minutes of results, and is not limited by conditions. It is the mainstream detection method.
Second, breath test carbon 13 detection reagent. The test must be performed on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal, and the patient has not taken HP-sensitive drugs such as antibiotics, bismuth preparations, and proton pump inhibitors in the past month, otherwise the test result will be false negative. Mass spectrometers are required, and the reagent cost is expensive and the detection time is long.
3. Breath test carbon-14 detection reagent. Carbon-14, unstable isotope, radioactive, half-life 5769 years. Mostly used in archaeological dating.

H.Pylori Uncut Sheet


Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative bacterium with spiral shape, micro-aerobic, and very demanding growth conditions.

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