Dengue Virus

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Dengue This series includes both antigens and antibodies, for example, Dengue E Antigen, Dengue NS1 Antibody, Dengue NS1 Antigen. Monoclonal types of Dengue Antibody/Antigen are highly specific and of a single clonal origin, ultimately having the same antigen-binding properties.

Dengue Virus(For Rapid Test)

Dengue Virus(For CMIA Test)

dengue fever is an acute insect-borne infectious disease caused by dengue virus transmitted by mosquitoes. Dengue virus infection can lead to recessive infection, dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is rare in China. The typical clinical manifestations of dengue fever are sudden onset, high fever, headache, severe aches and pains of muscles, bones and joints, rash, bleeding tendency, lymph node enlargement, decreased white blood cell count, and thrombocytopenia in some patients. The disease is mainly prevalent in tropical and subtropical areas, and Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and other places are endemic areas of dengue fever. Because the disease is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, the epidemic has a certain seasonal, generally in May to November every year, the peak in July to September. In the new epidemic areas, the population is generally susceptible, but the incidence is mainly adults, in the endemic areas, the incidence is mainly children.

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