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AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) antibodies refer to antibodies produced in the human body that can inhibit the biological activity of AMH. AMH is a hormone secreted by the ovaries that plays an important role in women’s bodies. Its main function is to regulate follicle development and maturation, and it has an important impact on the female reproductive cycle and ovarian function. AMH antibodies may cause disorders of the reproductive cycle, ovarian dysfunction, infertility, and other problems. AMH antibody testing can be used to determine the cause of these problems and help doctors with diagnosis and treatment.



The advantages of AMH antibody testing include:

  1. High accuracy: AMH antibody testing can accurately measure the level of AMH antibodies and determine whether the problem is related to AMH antibodies.
  2. Non-invasive: AMH antibody testing is a simple, safe, and painless testing method that does not require puncture or *******.
  3. Helps with treatment: AMH antibody testing can help doctors determine the cause and develop more effective treatment plans.
  4. Predicts treatment effectiveness: AMH antibody testing can predict treatment effectiveness, help doctors adjust treatment plans, and improve treatment success rates.

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